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CRYSTAL MOON PARANORMAL is affiliated with CRYSTAL MOON ASTROLOGY. Both are owned and operated by Heidi a certified astrologer, medium, and independent paranormal investigator/researcher with a strong belief in personal empowerment. She hopes to serve others by cultivating practical wisdom and higher understanding through classes, horoscope consultations, and paranormal support services. Her goal is to educate and encourage others to be self-reliant, and to feel empowered to protect themselves and their loved ones from negative energies, if needed. For those who are interested in developing your psychic ability, low-cost mini-readings are also available. If you would like to consider an investigation, a clearing, or a horoscope reading, contact Heidi at heidi@CrystalMoonParanormal.com.

Thank you for your visit. This site is a work in progress, soon to be expanded with additional content.

Classes have been expanded to include Crystals.